Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of BeSS
23-27 Oct 2017 Meudon (France)

Be stars and the BeSS database workshop

BeSS is the reference database for Be stars and their spectra. Be stars are hot stars with a circumstellar disk, created from matter sporadically ejected by the star. BeSS contains a catalogue of all (~2000) known Be stars and their parameters, as well as over 120000 spectra of these stars.

BeSS exists since 2007. It is a collaboration between profesionnal and amateur astronomers. Any Be star observer can upload their spectra in BeSS, and anyone can use them.  BeSS data have already been used in 53 scientific publications.

Ten years after its creation, it is time to think about the future of BeSS in terms of, e.g.:

- new observing programs and pro/amateurs collaborations

- new features in the BeSS database

- exploitation of the data already available in BeSS

This workshop is organised to discuss the possible evolution of BeSS and start new projects. The expected audience includes the BeSS administrators, main BeSS observers, professionnal specialists of Be stars, and anyone wishing to invest time and energy in the next decade of Be star studies.

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